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10 Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Document Destruction

7 Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Document Destruction

When it comes to document destruction, most businesses are aware of the importance of responsibly disposing of sensitive documents. Whether you are dealing with financial statements, the personal information of clients or suppliers, or other important files, getting securely rid of them is essential for maintaining organizational security and safety. Unfortunately, many businesses make mistakes regarding document destruction that can lead to severe risks and complications. Here are seven common mistakes business owners make when attempting document destruction – from needing a system to relying on efficient methods such as simply using an in-home shredder.

1. Not Having A Document Destruction Policy

Not having a document destruction policy can be a massive risk to any business. It is prudent to have a proper document destruction policy to dispose of private and confidential information securely. It ensures legal compliance and, most importantly, protects businesses from malicious third parties attempting to access private or personal information.

2. Failing To Train Employees

Failing to train employees is often a surefire way to limit the success and growth of an organization. Employees will feel safe and confident if proper onboarding techniques are employed, resulting in clarity and satisfaction that can lead to better customer satisfaction or, even worse, business losses. Leaders who recognize this shortcoming take the time and effort to develop robust training regimes that help orientate not only new hires but also upgrade skills that ultimately support the core capabilities of their company’s offering.

3. Not Using A Secure Shredding Service

If you don’t use a secure shredding service to dispose of sensitive documents, you risk exposing your personal information. This could happen in various ways, such as dumpster diving or recycling bins being spied on by thieves. Also, it is estimated that 70% of private data found in the garbage still contains key information, making it vulnerable to exploitation. Therefore, it is critical to take steps towards protecting yourself by using a secure shredding service to ensure your data remains safe and secure at all times.

4. Relying On Consumer-Grade Shredders

Regarding information security, relying on consumer-grade shredders for your most confidential documents or records is a huge mistake. These shredders cannot completely destroy paper, leaving it vulnerable to piecing together. Additionally, this type of technology isn’t designed with safety in mind – they could easily jam and potentially cause a fire hazard. Instead, businesses should look into a professional document shredding service that will ensure the destruction of documents beyond any available recovery means. Not only does this help protect essential documents, and it gives peace of mind to those working in more confined areas where space and safety are paramount.

5. Not Keeping Track Of What Needs To Be Shredded

It can be easy to get overwhelmed trying to keep track of all the paperwork that needs to be shredded. Not only can there be stacks of old bills and financial documents that require shredding, but other important documents, such as bank statements, contracts, and insurance forms should be destroyed. This can lead to a buildup of important information scattered throughout your home or office that you may only think about shredding once it’s too late. Taking the time now to establish a filing system for items that need shredding and going through those documents regularly could save you from potential identity theft or other serious consequences.

6. Not Monitoring The Shredding Process

Monitoring the shredding process is necessary to know that your confidential documents are being securely destroyed. The risk is too high to assume that all sensitive information is correctly disposed of and could be exposed to unauthorized individuals. This data should never be mishandled; inspecting the shredding process safeguards such documents and ensures an organization’s highest levels of security. Policies should be in place with clearly defined procedures that all employees must follow when destroying confidential papers and other media items. Taking action to monitor the shredding process can help companies avoid potential disasters due to careless mistakes or unseen opportunities for malicious entities.

7. Failing To Maintain A Shredding Schedule

Failing to maintain a shredding schedule can have severe consequences for businesses and individuals. It can lead to a messy workspace, complicating the organization and making important documents hard to find, and it can also create data vulnerable to theft or exploitation. With the prevalence of digital technology, the chances that confidential information could end up in the wrong hands are more significant than ever. It’s essential to ensure sensitive information is destroyed as soon as possible after its use has been exhausted to protect both yourself and your clients. A shredding schedule keeps everything organized and ensures that it happens on time, every time.


Implementing a secure document destruction policy is vital for any business looking to protect its data and confidential information. When properly executed, the right policies can ensure that documents are destroyed on time, securely, and with proper documentation for compliance purposes. Businesses must avoid making any of the abovementioned mistakes or suffer significant consequences.

A comprehensive document destruction policy will help protect businesses from financial losses and damage to their reputation from security breaches. Implementing such protocols should be a considerable part of any business’s overall security program, as these documents are often the most vulnerable link regarding document security. When you hire Secured Document Shredding, you can rest assured that your data is secure and being handled properly. With our expertise, you will know that all your documents are safe and in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about our shredding services.


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