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Law firms have a lot of confidential information that needs to be protected. Personal data can include client information, financial data, and more. That’s why it’s essential for law firms to have a reliable shredding service in place.

Shredding Services For Law Firms

While many firms are taking adequate steps to safeguard their confidential information, some still need to be. Legal shredding services like Secured Document Shredding ensure that your client’s confidentiality is always protected.

Protecting your law firm from the risk and penalties of an information security breach means more than just watching your clients’ documents. Suppose you have financial reports, human resource forms, or payroll statements. In that case, your firm could be at risk of fines, lost revenue, and loss of reputation should any of your confidential information get into the wrong hands.

Secured Document Shredding is a leading provider of shredding services for law firms. We offer a variety of services that can help you protect your confidential information, including:

On-Site Shredding

We will come to your office and shred your documents. On-Site Shredding is the most secure way to shred documents and is ideal for large quantities of paper.

Scheduled Shredding

We offer continuous service plans for businesses that regularly need Shredding. Scheduled Shredding is the most convenient and cost-effective option for businesses that shred frequently.

One-time Shredding

If you have a one-time need to shred documents, we can help. This is a good option for businesses that only regularly need shredding services.

Why Lawyers Need Shredding Services

There are several reasons why lawyers need to have a reliable shredding service in place. Here are just a few:

To protect client confidentiality: Client information is always confidential, and it’s essential to keep it safe. A shredding service can help you do that.

To prevent identity theft: Identity theft is a severe problem that can happen to anyone. Shredding your documents can help reduce the risk of identity theft.

To comply with the law: In many states, some laws require businesses to destroy confidential information. A shredding service can help you comply with those laws.

To save money: Shredding documents can save you money on storage costs. It can also help you avoid fines for violating confidentiality laws.

What Documents Should Be Shredded?

Before shredding, the first thing to consider is whether or not the document contains sensitive information. Any documents that include account numbers, social security numbers, and any other personal information that could be used to steal your identity or commit fraud should be destroyed.

Also, review whether or not the document is required by law to be shredded. It includes things like tax documents and other financial records. In many cases, the organization will be necessary to keep these documents for a certain period before you can shred them.

  • All Discarded Copier
  • Client Files
  • Legal Documents
  • Contracts
  • Human resource forms
  • Payroll records
  • Documents containing the maiden name
  • Documents containing names, addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses
  • Drafted Documents

Privacy laws require you have a Written Information Destruction Policy. Develop a plan and educate your employees. Once you decide which document destruction options will work best for you, create a shredding policy. Put it in writing so you can distribute it to your staff, have them read it, and sign a confirmation that they received and understand it.

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NAID AAA Certification® verifies secure data destruction companies’ services’ compliance with all known data protection laws through scheduled and surprise audits by trained, accredited security professionals, fulfilling customers’ regulatory due diligence obligations.

We are NAID AAA Certified for on-site and off-site document shredding and hard drive destruction. Our team is ready to serve you and all employees undergo background checks and screening as per NAID certification standards.


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