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Document Shredding For The Insurance Industry

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If you’re in the insurance industry, then you know how important it is to keep your files confidential. If it falls into the wrong hands, your private information could be stolen, which could jeopardize your business and put your customers at risk. That’s why it’s so crucial to use a professional document shredding service. These services offer reliable, secure destruction of your old files, helping you to mitigate security risks and keep your private data confidential. At Secured Document Shredding, we specialize in the secure destruction of confidential documents. We use the latest equipment and procedures to ensure that your files are destroyed completely and safely without any risk of a data breach.

Why Should Insurance Institutions Shred?

The insurance industry deals with a lot of sensitive information, and it’s crucial that this data be kept confidential. If it falls into the wrong hands, your private information could be stolen, which could jeopardize your business and put your customers at risk. This is why using a professional document shredding service is so important for insurance institutions.

One-Time Shredding For Insurance Companies

If your business needs to purge a huge pile documents, then you might want to consider using a one-time onsite shredding service. This type of service is perfect for insurance companies who are looking to get rid of large amounts of paper quickly and efficiently. And by using an experienced and reputable shredding company, you can be sure that your documents will be destroyed securely.

Scheduled Shredding For Insurance Companies

We also offer scheduled shredding for insurance companies. Ongoing shredding is an excellent option for those who need to shred their documents regularly. With scheduled shredding, you can choose a day and time that is convenient for you, and we will come to your location and shred your documents. This is a great way to keep your old files secure and ensure that they are destroyed regularly.


When it comes to sensitive documents and information, insurance companies are required to follow strict regulations. If your company doesn’t comply with these regulations, you could be facing serious consequences. That’s why it is so important to make sure that all of your documents are destroyed securely and according to the law. With document shredding services, you can rest assured that your files will be destroyed quickly and efficiently, allowing you to comply with regulation requirements.

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft And Other Security Threats

In today’s world, identity theft is a serious problem. If your client’s information were to fall into the wrong hands, it could be used for identity theft or other fraudulent activities. By shredding your documents on a regular basis, you can help to protect yourself and your clients from these types of security threats.

Ensure That Your Documents Are Destroyed Securely

When you use a document shredding service, you can be sure that your documents will be destroyed securely. We use state-of-the-art shredding machines to destroy your documents, so you can be sure they will be completely shredded. We also recycle all the shredded paper bits, so your documents won’t fill up a landfill.

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Secure Document Shredding protects your confidential information and ensures it is secured and safe from collection to destruction. We proudly serve Midland, San Angelo, Odessa, Abilene, Lubbock, Texas, and surrounding areas since 1996. We offer two office locations in San Angelo, Texas, and another in Midland, Texas. After any shredding is completed, you will be issued a Certificate of Destruction to verify that we have done our job and everything we shred is recycled for a greener Texas.


NAID AAA Certification® verifies secure data destruction companies’ services’ compliance with all known data protection laws through scheduled and surprise audits by trained, accredited security professionals, fulfilling customers’ regulatory due diligence obligations.

We are NAID AAA Certified for on-site and off-site document shredding and hard drive destruction. Our team is ready to serve you and all employees undergo background checks and screening as per NAID certification standards.


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