Why Secured Document Shredding?

Our business is to ensure that your confidential information remains 100% secure from the time we collect your documents, until the destruction process. We are bonded and insured: we use enclosed secure trucks for transportation: we utilize only drug-screen, background verified drivers and follow strict policies and procedures, in everything that we do. Our facilities are alarm protected, with 24 hour recorded camera surveillance. Outsourcing your paper shredding to Secured Document Shredding will save you time & money, contribute directly to the creation of a greener Texas. Consider including information in regards to being NAID certified, and that a Certificate of Destruction is issued following every job, for additional peace of mind.


Every business today creates and stores an immense amount of confidential information, on a regular basis. Far too often, these vital documents make their way to trash and recycling bins, where they become packed with revealing documentation. This poses a risky situation, as documents can get into the wrong hands too easily.


Your business not only has a moral responsibility to protect information, but most importantly you are legally responsible to safeguard your public trust. FACTA requires the destruction of all consumer information before it is discarded. Failure to do so can result in many consequences: loss of good will, loss of business; loss of income, and loss of your good reputation in the industry. Unfortunately, in some cases it can be financially damaging as well; this may include significant fines and unwanted litigation. Stored documents should be securely shred on a regular basis. It’s a simple task that will make all the difference in protecting your company from legal risks.


Safe and friendly to the environment, as all shredded paper is recycled and reused instead of sent to the landfill. Fewer trees are destroyed when paper is shred and baled for recycling.