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Textile Destruction

Maintaining a healthy image of your company is our top priority here at Secured Document Shredding.  We provide destruction services for more than just paper and media. If your business is storing uniforms that are out of circulation, allow us to rid of them in a manner that protects your brand.

In addition, we also properly destroy counterfeit handbags, clothing and products that fail to meet health compliance standards.  Our destruction services safeguard your brand and business name, protecting it throughout every step in the process. Both machine and manual procedures are used to disassemble and shred the products, which are then collected for recycling or disposal in a secure and environmentally-friendly manner.

The team at Secured Document Shredding follows the strictest level of operational safety, quality and security for your peace of mind. For specifics in regards to our textile and additional product destruction solutions, please email or get a quote.