Are your employees security screened?

Prior to employment, all employee must pass a criminal background.  In addition per our NAID certification each year 50% of employees backgrounds are processed.

Are your containers secure?

Yes, each container has a lock to secure the material.  A designated employee at your location will be given a key to the lock.

Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?

Yes,  Secured Document Shredding inc can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for each service, documenting data, quantity and method of destruction.

I have an office shredder, why should I hire a shredding company?

Paper shredding is a non-revenue producing function that eats up valuable employee hours. When you consider how much it costs for one of your employees to do the job, you’ll find outsourcing this tedious task to Secured Document Shredding Inc will save you time and money.

NAID certification verifies the right security issues. When NAID certified information destruction services undergo and audit, their hiring practices, equipment and facilities are carefully scrutinized. These are some of the security specifications that NAID auditors verify:

  • Persons with a known history of related-crimes are not employed
  • Security and operations policies and procedures are written and followed
  • Access to materials is restricted at all times
  • Containers and vehicles protect information from unauthorized access at all times during transport and processing
  • There is an audit trail, including CCTV image capture and retention, and a thorough, documented chain of custody

Will I need to remove paperclips, staples and folders?

No, our Allegeny shredder can handle paperclips, staples and binders.

How Do I Estimate How Much Weight I Have?

Standard Banker’s Box


Approx. 30+ lbs. of paper
12.5′”W x 15.5′”D x 10.5′”H


Large File Box


Approx. 55+ lbs. of paper
15′”W x 24′”D x 10.5′”H


What Happens To Our Paper After You Shred It?

To help protect the environment all shredded material is baled and recycled. We then ship to paper mills where the material is re-pulped and processed into tissue paper.